Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Me from A-Z

A - Act your age - about to turn 35

B - Breast size - now do you really want to know???

C - Chore you hate - cleaning the boys bathrooms

D - Dad's name - Richard

E - Essential makeup item - powder

F - Favorite singer - Sarah McLachlan

G - Gold or silver - Silver

H - Hometown - Greenville, South Carolina

I - IceCream - vanilla,

J - Job title - stay at home mom / business owner

K - Kisses, what kind do you prefer - ones from Bob and smooches from the kiddos

L - Living arrangements - just moved a few months ago to our new home

M - Meat, favorite kind - blue cheese crusted filet mignon

N - Number of kiddos - 2

O - Overnight hospital stays - 4 with both kids & 2 with my hysterectomy

P - Packing habits - pray i don't forget anything

Q - Quote that you love -

R - Religion - Episcopal

S - Siblings - 2 brothers

T - Time you get up in the morning - around 7

U - Underwear of choice - any kind of cotton, not granny but not thong

V - Vegetable you can't stand - Brussel Sprouts

W - Worst habit - taking things too seriously

X - Xrays - 4

Y - Yummy food you make - grilled corn with lots of seasoning (my hubby makes it a little better though)

Z - Zodiac sign - Leo

Monday, July 04, 2005

Look at these adorable pocketbooks

These are so cute!!! I just love them. Found this website http://buildmybag.com from another persons blog and I think I might have to order one. You can design your own bag and pick the size you want for a great price!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Sweet Taste of Summer

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Best Friends or Enemies

These boys just amaze me. One day they can yell and fight with eachother and the next day (which happens to be today) be the best of friends. They have played so well all day together. Beings kids and enjoying the simple pleasures of childhood.

Do You Remeber Your Fashion...

Came across this picture a few weeks ago of my Dad and I. Do you remember the Esprit clothes, pants that were not supposed to be that short, and the huge straw pocketbook. We were visiting Georgia Tech (where my brother went to school) and I thought I was just so hip. Also the Ray Ban sunglasses that took me forever to save up to buy. I was 16 years old. What can I say? Dad's fashion says alot too (along with the fingers over my head)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Our Backyard Friends

Ok. so we love to feed these little guys. We have three squirrels and two chipmunks that come every day to eat. They are so cute!!! The boys love to watch them fight and chase eachother all over the place. And, don't ask me where that squirrel got the beef rib. He chewed on that thing for the longest time! Who would of thought a squirrel would have such great taste?


I am in love with this book Nesting its a chick thing. Here are just a few of the things they listed in the book that every chick should have:

  • A room pulled together with the help of her girlfriend gang
  • A soft and cozy blanket or throw to cuddle up with
  • An heirloom of her own choosing
  • Framed baby pictures of herself and pictures of family and friends on display
  • Fresh flowers
  • A room painted in her favorite color
  • An item that she splurged on and loves
  • A souvenier from a specail journey or memorable adventure
  • Luxurious soaps and potions sink and tubside for aromatherapy and pampering
  • A pair of paint-splattered, well-worn overalls - for when she wants to really get down to nesting

New Project

Here is a little card I made for my neice to let her know what's going on here and with the family. I just got Donna Downey's new book Donna and it is AMAZING. This idea came from there. I wish just a little of her talent would rub off on me. please....

This really was easy to make once you get the idea of it (which I have to admit took a little longer than it should). Can't wait to try more from her book.